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Anna is a certified business coach, experienced business consultant, mentor and is
unlike any other consultant, executive coach you will work with. A mother of two, with a unique background in journalism and the corporate world, Anna’s reputation proceeds her. Anna is much-admired by all those she works with and regularly receives rave reviews for the work she does and the lasting impact it makes, both for individuals and organisations as a whole.

A former Journalist and TV Producer, Anna spent 17 years at Sky where she was an industry leader in women’s sports journalism and was listed in Management Today’s 35 Under 35 and has served as Non-Executive Director in Sports governance. Anna founded and produced the Sportswomen programme, led the Special Journalism Unit at Sky Sports News and was at the forefront of the changing landscape for women’s sports on screen and in the newsroom during her broadcasting career.

Whilst transitioning back to work from maternity leave, Anna experienced debilitating perimenopause symptoms. Anna struggled to be heard and treated correctly by her GP, told she was “too young” she ended up fighting for the best part of a year to be treated, all while managing a high-pressure job and parenting two young daughters. As a journalist, Anna started digging and was shocked to discover she was not alone; there were far too many women in their thirties being shut out of diagnosis and treatment because they were the “wrong age”. Anna then looked deeper into company culture in the UK only to discover that there was a further lack of understanding and support available to women. So Anna set out on a mission to change this.

Anna made the bold and brave decision to resign from her long and happy career and went on to train and qualify with the Academy of Executive Coaching – one of the world’s most certified executive coach training providers. Using the expert training she received there, combined with her broad and deep experience of her years in the corporate world, Anna launched Allerton Consulting.

Allerton Coaching empowers women to power business, helping them navigate menopause at work to ensure that they continue to thrive in their careers. Allerton Consulting also works with businesses to help break down stigmas in the workplace and drive lasting change by showing them how to create a genuine culture of support and empowerment for women whilst also teaching them how to attract, retain and get the most out of female talent within their industry.

Anna is hugely passionate about using Allerton Consulting to help women change their perceptions on this time in their lives. Using her own first-hand experience, she is helping show women how they can use their peri/menopause as an opportunity to make a fresh start, or smash through that glass ceiling, steering the narrative away from the negatives, to shining a light on the positives. For Anna, it marked an incredibly exciting new chapter in her life, and she wants to show all women it can be the same for them too. By giving women the tools they need to take control of their own health, to feel better, take action and succeed at work at the same time, Anna is making impactful, lasting change.

Anna is also an accomplished public speaker, regularly sitting on industry panels to help raise awareness about perimenopause and menopause, helping to remove the stigma around it and create a more inclusive culture.

“From balancing motherhood, to dealing with the perimenopause and menopause, I know first-hand just how difficult maintaining a career can be for women. I appreciate everyone’s experience, goals, and circumstances are different, while still being able to use my own personal experience to offer guidance and support. Working in a major brand like Sky Sports across multiple senior roles and different departments, I understand the common challenges, dynamics, and issues that women and businesses face. I believe in building genuine relationships with everyone I work with, from individuals to business teams. The best way to do that is by having open and honest conversations, to always be straight talking, and to operate with integrity. Whether it’s for an individual, a team, or an entire business, I’m here to make a genuine impact. I specialise in Perimenopause and Menopause because I know first-hand what impact it can have on your career. Research suggests that up to 1 million women have changed their roles or quit their jobs because of this. I am one of them. But I am here to show you, and businesses, how this time doesn’t need to be negative, it can be a time for change and a time to make a positive, lasting impact.”

Anna Allerton

Client Reviews

Don't muddle on getting buried by what hormones are doing to your career. Anna will absolutely get you to reassess and start putting your needs first. The transformation has been life-changing.


Anna has been a game changer for me. This is the best thing I have done all year!


I've had a brilliant journey of self-discovery thanks to working with Anna. You need Anna in your life.


In life everyone needs an Anna not just because of her experience, but because she cares.


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